world through the lens

24. On the train

I took this scenery on the train. Sceneries passing by were slow and gentle.


23. CPR class

This is the spot of CPR class. What an useful and effective class!

22. making fried rice

After having delicious tteokbokki, we made fried rice with kimchi and corn with the sauce. 

72. Merry-go-round

There was a photo of merry-go-round that looks taken at night. It was impressive.

71. Colorful Road

I took this picture because the road arounded by colorful trees was so beautiful.

70. CPR education.

Today I took a CPR class. It was useful. I should try someday. 

69. peanuts

I met my friends of a club on Saturday. We had a bottle of beer and peanuts.

68. Tteokbokki

I ate delicious tteokbokki for lunch with my friend. We ate fishcake too.

67. Neon Moon 

I dropped at a pink colored shop called Neon Moon. Its interior was full of pink stuff!

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